I've been working as a digital product designer for almost 15 years. I love what I do and feel immensely grateful.

I like to: 💬 talk with, observe, and learn from users; 🤔 explore the unexplored and challenge conventions; ✍🏻 design helpful and engaging software; and 🎨 build delightful animations. I'm learning 🎞 3D animation and 🎧 analog DJing. Check out my work below or connect with me elsewhere.

Indigo Agriculture

Direct Freight Requests

Logistics software for carriers
to fill scheduling gaps and find work.


Mobile ID Application

Bringing government-issued digital
identification to millions of U.S. citizens.


Web Application

Designed to help over 3 million Americans
take back their financial futures.


Personalized Registration

Through context, clarity, and some delight,
we helped people create accounts with ease.


Home and Discovery

New discoveries await of travelers worldwide
through relevant content and suggestions.

Want to hire me?

I'm interested in working on projects that are end consumer-focused, address our climate crisis, provide financial accessibility, or in digital media entertainment and cinema.

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